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Domestic Relations and Post-Decree Remedies

Child Support Modification

After your divorce is final, things can happen that affect your ability to meet your post divorce obligations. One of the most problematic is job changes that affect your ability to pay your child support order. Nonpayment of child support not only creates financial discomfort for your kids but can also lead to driver's license suspension, contempt actions by the county Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) and possible jail time. If you've had a substantial change in circumstances, you are entitled to have your child support obligation reviewed and adjusted. Reviewing your decree with an attorney before you contact CSEA and request an administrative review is a great place to start. Contact me and let's see if you are eligible for an adjustment.

Contempt of Court Orders

Being held in contempt of your court orders makes a bad situation worse. If you are depriving your spouse of his or her court order parenting time, failing to cooperate with a realtor to sell your marital home, refusing to meet your child support obligations or any other noncompliance of your court orders, your spouse could file a contempt action against you to compel your compliance. Judges do not take kindly to having their orders ignored and the penalties for contempt can be steep. If you are intentionally refusing to comply with your court orders, stop it. If you are having trouble complying with your court orders due to job changes, transportation difficulties or some other obstacle. Contact me and let's find a way to get your orders adjusted. Yes, it can be difficult and cost money but it's better than sitting in jail.

If you're having a hard time meeting your court-ordered obligations, contact me and let's review your situation. 

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