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Juvenile and Children's Services Charges

Juvenile Offenses 

Despite parent's best efforts, sometimes children can also find themselves at odds with the law. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time and making one bad decision can find a minor in front of a juvenile court judge being charged as a delinquent. While mom and dad might know best in most situations, it's a bad idea to go into court with your child and apply parental justice to the legal system. You may want your child to own up to what they have done and pay the price, but that's a punishment best meted out at home and not in the juvenile detention system. Contact me if your child is facing delinquency charges and let's make sure the punishment doesn't outweigh the crime.

Children's Services Allegations

Few things are as terrifying to parents (and potentially children!) as a knock on the door from a Job and Family Services (JFS) investigator. Complaints of abuse or neglect by family members, friends and neighbors can create tension and chaos in a family and if the allegations in the complaint are substantiated, parents can end up with JFS monitoring for extended periods of time or even worse, seeing their children removed into foster care until such time as JFS feels reunification can take place. Substance abuse assessments, mental health assessments, parenting classes and more can be included in a JFS case plan. If JFS has made contact with you, you need to talk to a lawyer to protect your rights as a parent and manage the JFS process. Don't wait until you are facing abuse, neglect or dependency charges. Contact me and be prepared for what's ahead.

If you are involved in a case involving your children, contact me and let's make sure your rights are protected and you understand what's ahead of you. 

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